Thursday, August 4, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 4

I begin my day with 10.33.

I am purposely trying to hold back some money for the weekend.

If you are a family trying to get by and someone is coming to visit you will need extra food. Many of us would not think too much about feeding a friend or relative for a few days but on a strict budget money has to be set aside to make this happen. It often means the mother of the household will eat less so that food can be held back for the guest.

So I am making do with less as I have something coming up.

I begin my day not with coffee but soup. I woke up with a headache (possible low salt) and a serious asthma attack and slowly sipping salty soup seriously soothes.

Two hours later I had coffee and breakfast.
Coffee .25
3 eggs .60
Hash Browns .32
Morning total 2.06

...and the phone rings. It is Mj my beautiful friend from Paris and she is in San Francisco and wants to see me. Of course I drop everything and run to Chinatown to meet her and show her around.

We have lunch at Capital, a great lunch spot and while I was in the bathroom she paid the check. I protested (I had surplus) and then promised to treat us to coffee later. The meal was delicious. A great bit of mixed crisp vegetable with shreds of beef in a spicy sauce.

It was a wonderful day. I played tourist when she could walk no more we got coffee. IF you stay out of Starbucks you can get two small and delicious cups of coffee for 3.00, she had hot, I had iced. A big chunk of my weekend surplus is gone. Ce la vie.

Remember Month 1 day 17 
I put some of that sauce in the freezer and had it tonight with pasta. Beef and tomatoes, so very American, so very good.
Sauce .77
Pasta .19
Strawberries .50 (1/3 pound)

It was not as good as it was the first time. My salt mill fell apart when I attempted to grind a bit more into the sauce. I spooned it out but it was still a little over salted. I love salt so it was okay for me but I would not have served it to guests.

I was quite worried about missing the gym but considering the caloric content of the day, 1,475 it might have been a good thing.
My total was 7.41.

For many of you lunch out and a cup of coffee are no big deal. Think about the people who have to save money from a food budget to enjoy such a luxury. Wherever you are open up your heart a little bit.

I now only have 2.92 to carry over so my weekend experiment may be a bust. I will report whatever happens.

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