Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 2

I begin my day with 9.88

Since I have begun this project I have noticed an increase in readers from outside the United States. By 10 a.m. this morning I had had over 1,000 views from other countries. Among the highest were Spain, The Phillipines, Panama and Jordon.

I had an almost free breakfast; Strawberries and  the last of the dumplings from Saturday in the stock made from the duck bones. Plus coffee.

Coffee .25
Strawberries .50

I was out running around today, and at one point I could not take it anymore. I stopped into a coffee shop and got a toasted buttered bagel .99. They put some cream cheese on the plate but since I did not order it they did not charge me for it.

I was really hungry and happy to be eating but there is no such thing as a GOOD bagel made in San Francisco. They are all soft like a hamburger bun. Even worse, in Minnesota there is a place that makes them with glazes like doughnuts and they are almost as light a donut. Bagels need to be dense and chewy. Why does most of this country not get how to make them?

Remember the vegetables from the other night? I heated the rest of them and tossed in some noodles and garlic. I had this with the remainder of the birthday wine.
Vegetables 1.26
Chinese noodles .25
total 1.51
Day Total 3.74
1,719 calories

I carry over 6.14

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