Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 19

I can't wait for this to be over. I am tired of cabbage, and beans, and rice and even pasta. I want smoked salmon and fresh fish and a Caesar Salad with extra anchovies. Instead I begin my day with 5.85.

I have the last of the nectarines from Cathy and a cup of coffee.
coffee .30

I am hungry, but not hungry and tired of so many things. I finally settle on a ham sandwich with ham leftover from the party. I add half an onion.

Rye From Gail
Mayo (The rest of what I made the other day)
Ham from party
Onion Half .10
3 glasses of iced tea .09

Total .19

And out I head. I have a lot of stops before the gym and eventually I am hungry. No desire to ride home so I have some pork rinds. Not a health food, but a filling one and no sugar.
Rinds .99
I do admit to liking them. Puffy fat and skin, what could be wrong?

At home I am fussy yet again not wanting what I have and I have an abundance. I finally re-heat some of the lamb with extra garlic and green beans and have it with rice and some of the red beans. I feel stuffed.
Lamb leftover
Rice .15
1/2 serving of Red Beans 1.10
Total 1.25

Day Total 2.73
Calories 1,541

Nutrition is pretty horrible for the day. 3.12 to carry over. I need to find a way to enjoy it.

I have blood work coming in that will update me on my health while walking a mile in uncomfortable shoes. 

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