Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 9

Yesterday I had 2,400 readers from the Netherlands. I always wonder if someone is linking me in these countries where readership suddenly bumps up.

I begin with 3.24

For breakfast I had some more of those black grapes and some coffee.
Coffee .30
Grapes .50
Total .80

...and for lunch
Meat 1.21
4 tortillas .16
2 scallion .10
Garden lettuce .10
Yogurt .20
Total 1.77

I am worried about this budget and how to maintain it for another two weeks without skipping meals.

I made a dish I have not yet eaten. Soba noodles in spicy peanut sauce. If you have peanut butter, water and some hot sauce and soy it is easy to make a peanut sauce. If you have garlic it is even better. Saute the garlic, add peanut butter a lot of hot sauce, a little water to get to the right consistency and cook with a whisk. Finish with Soy.  Taste great every time.

Soba noodle .40
Peanut butter (2 servings).42
Shredded cabbage .25
The last of the scallions .40
Total 1.47
I can get at least 5 servings out of it making the per serving cost .29 cents.

That works for me.

I thawed some more of the Halal Beef I bought at the beginning of last month. At .24 an ounce I will be weighing my meat carefully at dinner time.

You see, I had a 4 dumpling snack. I took out some of the frozen ones. At .15 each my snack...

Dinner was an exceptionally good beef stir fry. The meat was still partially frozen allowing me to very thinly slice it. I stir fried it with the last of the cabbage and an onion, with a touch of soy and a few fermented black beans it was really good.

Meat (3 oz) .72
Cabbage . 25
Onion .20
Peanut noodles .29
Dinner 1.46

While I know I am over again today I have some of the dinner fry left over and some of the rice from the other night which will give me a free meal since the cost has been accounted for. Hopefully I can make it all up tomorrow.
Today's dollar total 4.63

I carry a deficit of 1.39 into tomorrow. I am behaving like George Bush, spending and then adding it up. Unfortunately I will not have Barak Obama to take the blame. I am on my own here.

Here I am overspending and only managed to get 1,417 calories out of it.

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