Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back on a Regular budget with new awareness

The day after the event I was so tired. I had a little bit of some of the leftovers but no proper meal. I thought I would have duck and red wine and a feast and I just wasn't into it.

I ate less food for so long the idea of a large meal right now is sickening.

Yesterday I had bits of things but no real meal at all until dinner.

I craved broccoli. I took an entire head of broccoli, a yellow pepper and some onion and did a quick stir fry in the wok, adding in fermented black beans and hot chili garlic sauce. I had a huge bowl of spicy vegetables with no rice. It was just what I needed.

Thus far this morning I have had two nectarines and coffee. As we go forward and I can stand to proof them as recipes I will post some of the items I came up with at a low serving cost that can be shared with families struggling with this issue.

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