Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 day 3

For those who are still asking me how they can help read this.

I begin my day with 9.80.

Coffee. 25

Hours go by as I respond to e mail make phone calls and realize I have missed a proper breakfast. I made pasta with some of the puttanesca sauce from the other day.
Sauce .72
Pasta .19
Iced tea .03
Total .94

And back to work I went. I am back and forth between chefs, authors, grocery stores, and volunteers and it is good I devote my day to this as it is a full time job.

Before heading out for a very late workout I had 4 more of the enchiladas with extra cheese.

4 enchiladas 1.08
Iced tea .03
Extra cheese .31
Total 1.42

And then the gym and the store. When I stopped for some fresh vegetables there was an amazing sale on potatoes. So I got some really nice new potatoes for very little.

I came home and instead of eating broccoli or something I made hash browns and had them with yogurt.
The potatoes .32
Yogurt .20
Total .52

Not a highly nutritious day, carb heavy and it felt like a milllion calories because of the filling choices but it came to 1, 672 calories.

Total 3.13
I carry over 6.67.

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