Sunday, July 17, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 17

I begin my day with 6.31.

I ate so much yesterday that this morning I had only coffee.
.25 and the rest of the fruit salad.

I made 8 quesadillas from leftover turkey (much of which I froze)
8 tortillas .80
4 ounces of cheese 1.24
Two servings of turkey 2.00
Small zucchini grated .34
1 tomato chopped .20
1 can chickpeas .57
.65 each

I put several in the freezer to join most of the leftover turkey and happily consumed two of them. They were absolutely delicious.

Lunch 1.30

Before hitting the gym I dropped by the Famer's Market at the Marina. They often having end of day sales. I picked up some nectarines and apricots and some incredible picholine olives. They are delicious. The container was 3.00 and I downed 1/3 of them already. I love olives.

Post gym snack two more cups of soup.

I put some of this soup in the freezer so that on the day I wish I had more...I will.

I made a sauce. Last night I saw a Wild Boar Ragu on the menu at Delfina and it got me thinking. Today I made a sauce that was somewhere between a Ragu and a Bolognese and pure unctious deliciousness.

5 Ounces of that Halal beef I stuck in the freezer. (hand minced, the food processor died on me)
5 ounces of house cured pancetta (the 2.49 lb. pork belly)
15 carrots
1 onion
1 Head of garlic (yea a whole head)

.77 cents a serving (I am assuming 5 but might get 6 out of the pot.)
It cooked for about 3 hours and blew me away, it was so good.

Pasta .19

Followed by the rest of last night's chocolate cake.

1, 255 calories. I don't feel hungry but that is not a lot of food. I got decent nutrition with plenty of Vitamin A today.

I carry over 1.87 to tomorrow. 

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