Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 12

I have 3.49 to begin.

Strange morning, strange dreams. When I awake I have only coffee. I get lost in  email and Julia Child on u-tube and it is noon before I have breakfast.

I got more grapes at .99 a pound but eat only a few. I have toast eggs and bacon, more expensive bacon than before. I got lazy and bought it at Safeway.

Coffee .30
Toast .69
2 eggs .40
3 slices of bacon .66
Grapes .19
Total 2.24

I have almost blown my daily budget.

But good news comes SF Foodie has published one of the articles. Read it and link it anywhere you can think of.

For lunch I had only some of yesterday's mock congee.
2 cups .38

I raced home from the gym and made a quick pasta. I was hungry but I did take the time to cut some chard in the garden and wash it while the water boiled.

Garlic, oil, chard. Bliss.

Chard. 10
Pasta .19
Total .29

But the evening is not over a friend drops by with wine. I have to offer something and the usual things I might offer are not in the house. So I make popcorn with butter. It is great with Italian wine.

Popcorn .11
Butter .30
Total .41
Total 3.32

And I total my day. I have .17 in the positive column to take into tomorrow. YEA!

When I began I had no real idea how difficult this would be. By buying some thins in bulk and some things daily I am making it work, but I will be so happy when it is over. I cannot imagine trying to do this for a whole family and telling a child that we can only afford for him or her to have two cups of soup for lunch.

I had 2,289 calories. Quite a few for so little food. It was the butter ,oil, and white bread. And it's okay. This was my former normal, although obtained via healthier means.

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