Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 16

Come Saturday morning I have an extra 3.11 giving me a day total of 6.77.

I begin to wonder just how many people are going to write me before this is over to tell me that poor people should not drink soda or buy a birthday cake for their child.

You see, you can get a generic mix for under a dollar making the cost of the cake under 2.00 and because the poor are clearly lazy they buy cakes at Costco which is a waste of public funds.


Is that really such a big deal?

Our government gives billions to private contractors to set up our wars. We give billions to the oil companies the most profitable in the word and there are those among you who really worry about whether a poor person bakes or buys a cake? I had breakfast. More delicious strawberries from Gail. Then more of the rice and beans from last night with extra cheese and more fresh tortillas.
Rice and Beans Leftover
Strawberries gift
Cheese .31
Coffee. 30
Chips .40
Total 1.01

For lunch I had cabbage soup.
Soup .24
Iced tea .03
Total .27

And off to the party. I catered the party and at 5:00 took off my jacket and transitioned to guest. Except for carving the meat I was pretty much done.

I ate very little. The stuffed potatoes with the cheese and bacon were good and I had a few. Some ham right off the bone, a little leg of lamb, one glass of wine and one of champagne. I did not even taste the rest of the food. It wasn't until the party was over that I began to get hungry. I went back for more ham. A really good ham is addictive.

When I got home and made popcorn with butter as a before bed snack.

Butter .30
Popcorn .11
Iced Tea .03
Total .44

1,944 calories. Total 1.72.
I have an extra 5.05 for tomorrow.

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