Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's 9:25 and I have not eaten

I may be off to bed soon after having a bite.

Saturday the 27th from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. I will be at St. Luke's cooking for anyone and everyone who walks through the door with a donation for the food bank. Guests and members of the public will be surprising me all day with challenge ingredients. St. Luke's is located at Clay and Van Ness in the City of San Francisco.

I challenge all my readers (and they have increased dramatically since this project began)to twitter, facebook, call and e mail anyone you know in the Bay area. If you are here yourself come down and say hi. I want the coffers to overflow with donated food.

I promise to faithfully write of my last two days on this project but I just finished the pantry shopping which began 11 hours ago and I am beat.

Thanks again to Trader Joe's (Amy Mac we love you!)Grocery Outlet (West 4th on Berkeley, go there trust me your $$ will go very far)Guerro's Meats on Taravel (Come watch Chef Vigh when she joins me at 7:00)Safeway and Le Beau market in Nob Hill. Your generosity was overwhelming.

I hope to meet many of those of you who have followed me on this journey and I thank you for your e mail and comments. It takes a village and I feel very much a part of one right now.

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