Friday, August 12, 2011

Living on A Food Stamp Budget Month 2, Day 8

I begin my day with 3.94.

I had an early meeting in San Rafael and had never driven there so I was up early for coffee. I had no appetite but made myself eat hash browns and bacon. I'd intended an egg but forgot to cook it and when the potatoes were crisp it was time to eat. I had a touch of yogurt with the potatoes.

Coffee .30
Yogurt .20
Potatoes .30
Bacon .60
Total 1.40

I came home for lunch despite a busy day and had more of the pasta with pork.
Sauce 1.06
Pasta .19
Iced Tea .03
Total 1.28

The garden has had a chance to recover from my grazing so I was able to harvest a large dinner salad which was followed by some of the lamb curry which I had frozen and rice.

Salad .10
Lamb Curry 1.43
Rice .15
Total 1.68

1.472 calories and I spent 4.36. Tomorrow I have a deficit of .42 to make up.

It did not seem like I ate that much, but it is very easy to go over. I can see how families get caught short at the end of the month and rely on the food pantries stocked by the Food Bank.

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