Monday, June 7, 2010

What to eat when you don't want to eat your vegetables?

Way back when I wrote the syndicated FitnessGuru colum I began to sound like a broken record. Eat your vegetables was my constant rejoinder.

Someone wrote in and asked about lipo...I told him to eat his vegetables.

Folks wrote in about the idiotic Atkins diet...No one ever got fat on too much broccoli I would tell them.

When the silly cleanse drink became popular...You want to cleanse...get some fiber, eat your vegetables.

And on this site I have said it over and over again. It is the best advice your mother ever gave is best, but whatever you do eat your vegetables. Pound by pound they are one of the best values in the markets and for your health they are indespensable.

I recently had a night when I was very tired and broccoli just seemed like more chewing than I was capable of. I wanted nothing more than to pig out on pasta...BUT

I drank my vegetables instead and this soup is really good. It helps to have a good blender or food processor but you get your vegies and it is practically without calories.

6 cups strong chicken stock
1 large head broccili
1 bunch asparaus (I used white but green is fine)
1 garlic clove chopped
1 huge handful fresh basil

Simmer all the veg and the garlic in the broth til tender, put the veg and a couple cups of stock in the blender along with the basil and puree the _____ out of it. It is so smooth you can drink it from a cup, no cream needs to be added.

I had half one night and half the next, but you can share with a friend...if you like.