Friday, August 19, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2, Day 15

I begin with 5.76. I love free food.

Today a bit thanks goes to Amy Mac at Trader Joe's in Stonestown who arranged for Trader Joe's to be a very generous sponsor of the event on the 27th. 

Breakfast is a few of Gail's strawberries, coffee, a few bites of chorizo and cabbage soup.

Coffee .30
Chorizo 0.00
Strawberries 0.00
Cabbage soup .24
Total .54
I made the cabbage soup ahead of time and her is the cost breakdown.

Small cabbage .92
Onion .20
2 tomatoes .40
Bulk Lentils .46
Chicken stock .40

Total for pot 2.38 and I have at least 10 servings. So I gave it .24 a serving.

I ran home for an rich and delicious lunch. Spaghetti carbonara with two eggs and 3 slices of bacon. With 1/2 cup frozen peas.

2 eggs .40
Spaghetti .19
3 slices bacon .66
Parm .37 for one ounce
Peas .25

Apple from Gail 0.00.

My calories may end up through the roof. Thanks to Virgin Mobile's LACK of customer service department I spent much of last night on hold. First I fried fresh corn tortillas and turned them into chips that I ate with Rick's Salsa. I ate a lot of chips. Finally once customer service disconnected me with no resolution I made a Mexican thing with a Chinese cooking technique.

Wok fried rice and beans. WOW...this was good eats.

Chips (10 tortillas) .40
Rice leftover
Beans .50
Cheese .31
Salsa gift
Total 1.21

2,027 calories. Total 2.65

A pretty strong showing in the nutrition department. 

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