Friday, September 28, 2012

For those of you who have not joined us on Facebook come on over and say hello.

This is where I will link all of the healthy recipes and food for diabetics, as this site goes back to it's regularly scheduled pasta.

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I will get back to cooking for myself normally as soon as my apartment is ready at Lenox Terrace. I am still couch surfing and working in other's kitchens.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Destination

I must admit that I got a bit waylaid with my Fusion on the Road Series...long drives, no internet, and exhaustion caught up with me.

I can say that for the most part I did manage to keep my carbs and calories under control. Nutrition varied from excellent to 'you've' got to be kidding, but it is possible (not easy) to eat right when out of the house and on the road.

I did manage photos of some of the food I ate.

State Fair Lamb Gyros

Shrimp and Salad Bar

Of course the reason for all the travel was to get me back to Harlem. As of today we have a new website for the program which can be found at and a Facebook page, come on and like us at

The Diabetic specific recipes can now be found at the Stirring the Pot site and this website will go back to it's regularly irregular programing.