Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 17

I begin my day with 8:71 and a house full of leftovers from yesterday's party.

For breakfast I dined on a ham salad sandwich and more of the strawberries. My only cost was
Coffee .30
Mayo (Yes, I made it myself) .20

Total .50

For lunch I had some of the cabbage soup for the nutrition hit it gives me. I had to throw out the last of the soba with cabbage and peanut sauce. The cabbage had begun to ferment. It did not smell well.
Soup .24
Iced tea .03
Noodles (food waste) .29
Total .56

I used some of my largess for a couple of treats today. Andoulle sausage to go with my red beans and a bar of amazing Belgian chocolate. Since I don't want to calculate square by square I am going to take the hit for the chocolate all at once.
Chocolate 1.99

Dinner was a great meal of sauce from the gift tomatoes, leftover turkey meatballs and pasta. My only cost was the pasta at
Plus more birthday wine.

1,623 calories

Total 3.24

I carry over 5.47...but you should know.

I made red beans today.
Onion .20
Green pepper .44
Celery .26
Red beans .50
Pinto beans .50
Andouille sausage 6.99
Rich succulent ham stock from leftover bone, both free and priceless. 

To a total of 8.89 for the pot. 

I think it is 4 nice servings and it will come to 2.22 a serving. This will kill my overage but make me very happy. Expensive but worth it.

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