Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dude Food vs. Fusion On The Fly

My apologies to those who read regularly.

I have failed to update.

This has become The Food Stamp project and less about food.

I am fine with that as issues are important to me, very important.

New recipes can be found at Dude Food where I am teaching men to cook.

With the classes, now found at FusionontheFly I have had a lot of couples in my class and many men in the kitchen for the first time. I have been shocked at how many men really do not cook.

Jarred sauce and pasta rule, that along with microwaved burritos.

Thus Dude Food was born and the readership grew from day one.

I will get back to more Fusion, as I fuse more food, but for the moment, Dude Food is occupying my time.


Chef Karl Wilder