Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 10

I have 1.39 to make up today but I have a few leftovers that have been accounted for so those are free eats.

I begin my day with 2.27.

Grapes .50
Coffee .30
Small portion of fried rice with a touch of last night's beef and veg .FREE
Total .80

It is a big deficit and unlike the Federal Reserve I can't just go and print more money.

Lunch was a portion of the soba with peanut sauce and cabbage. Really delicious lunch.
Total .29

I am not hungry but my energy is a bit low today. Nonetheless I am heading for the gym. I may skip cardio so as not to provoke my appetite.

Yesterday I bought 3 organic chicken carcasses complete with feet. I want to thank all of you who like your chicken boneless. You allow me to make great soups. I spent 1.77 on chicken bones. I salted and roasted the bones and then picked off of the bones two cups of meat, then made enough stock for as least two soups. I will give the chicken .77 and each measure of stock .50 to account for the entire cost.

When you have a good stock you can put most anything into it and make a great meal. Vegetables, beans, noodles, tomatoes, rice, and lentils. I've learned that cabbage is a great source of C and carrots a great source of A and are two of the cheapest vegetables you can eat. They may well make an appearance in one of the soups. 

I went to the gym and despite skipping cardio I came home with a ravenous appetite. I had one hard boiled egg. I could have eaten much more but I stopped at one.
Egg .20

I was saved by a neighbor who came by with a chicken drumstick. She had taught me Japanese cooking and was trying out Southern fried chicken for guests. She made a few pieces ahead 'to see if they were good'.

It was very crisp, lightly spiced (I tend to use more red pepper) moist and not greasy. I offered my congratulations as I devoured it.

I feel much better.

I proceeded with my planned dinner. I is easier to eat well when you are not feeling the need to eat NOW!

I picked a huge salad from the garden and had the last of the pork sauce with pasta. Now I feel almost stuffed, but in a good way.

Salad .10
Sauce 1.06
Pasta .19
Total 1.35

Day total 2.64
This brings my deficit down to .37

1,798 calories (it was the chicken)

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