Monday, August 22, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 18

I begin the day with 9.13 and feel like a millionaire.

I make a fruit salad with the fruit Cathy brought from the farm, two nectarines, a big peach, and some strawberries. I eat the whole thing with a cup of coffe, my only cost being...
Coffee .30

Then breakfast is more leftovers. I take some of the lamb left from the party and warm it stuff it in a tortilla and top with yogurt, Really good.
Lamb leftover
Yogurt .40
Tortillas .48

Total .88

I could not make it home for lunch and finally broke down and had a substandard San Francisco bagel with cream cheese.

At home I really spent my largess. I made fried chicken. I bought an organic chicken at 7.99 which will make at least 3 meals. 2.66 per.

I heavily seasoned and fried a few pieces. I am so tired of skinny bitches who roll chicken and bran cereal and pop it in the oven and say 'it is just like fried.' Those skinny bitches have not had fried chicken in decades and have forgotten what that crisp succulent taste is really like. I had it with rice and a half portion of red beans, along with the first of the zucchini from the garden. 
Rice .15
Chicken 2.66
Beans 1.10
Zucchini .10

Total 4.01

6.94 see how easy it is to double the budget when you have a few extra dollars. Would you say I had an extreme or indulgent eating day?

2,306 calories, the chicken drove me over the top.

I carry over 2.19

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