Thursday, August 18, 2011

Living on A Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 14

See that cute puppet. It is from the Grocery Depot,one of our sponsors for the event on the 27th. They will all be featured in this space as we move forward.
I begin may day with 3.20 and a cup of coffee.

In addition I toast some of the pide from yesterday and have it with butter.

Breakfast total .45

And I was off. I had to get to Sausilito to head to the Farm Market to get supplies for a party I am catering Saturday.

I am doing a party for Gail's mother and I did the prep at her house, she bought extra food so I made BLT's for lunch. Rye, amazing tomatoes, Great bacon, crisp lettuce and Cilantro pesto. Wow! Great lunch and my cost.

All day long as I did the prep I had a bite of this, a taste of that. I just spend 45 minutes detailing the ingredients and amounts on fitday. I spent more time tracking the food, than eating it.

Gail is like my Jewish big sister. Otherwise she would be Jewish mother. All day long she kept putting things in a bag for me to take home. I get home and there is a bounty of riches, strawberries from the market this morning the rest of the Rye bread, apples and some of the turkey meatballs I had made for her dinner.

I feel like a fat pig.

I used those meatballs and made a little sauce with pasta. Big meal for 9:00 p.m. (It was a long day)

Sauce (from fresh tomatoes).45
Total .64
Day Total 1.10

This leaves me with 2.10 to carry over into the morrow and a lot of food given to me.

I only hope that at least some of the families struggling with a food stamp budget have friends who upon occasion load them up with turkey meatballs and strawberries.

My painstakingly calculated calories are 2,083.


Anonymous said...

You said you were the Huffpo Food informant for next week. Please don't do the dry list of activities. I want a real week in your life.

Mirabai said...

Hi Karl - I was wondering if you eat this much pasta when you're not so price restricted? You are clearly not overloading on calories and you're getting plenty of fresh vegetables and meat. I'm just curious.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

I love pasta and have always eaten it often, but not nearly as often as I am these days. Once I finish with this project I may go more than a few days without.