Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Month 2 Day 13

I begin my day with 3.83. I am wakened by a phone, but I am hungry so I prepare breakfast quietly and wait for the call to be over before I start chomping down. Liver, bacon and onion Sandwich. AWESOME.

Coffee .30
Grapes .40
Toast .69
Liver .57
1/2 onion .20
2 slices bacon .44
Total 2.60

I run into a friend at the store and his wife bakes, she comes running in with a loaf of pide, which she is baking for Ramadan. Fresh warm bread. Yea!
Lunch Free Bread

I cooked some meat ahead and heavily spiced it, it turned into a sort of a taco. 

Meat .72
Tortillas .16
Cheese .31
Tomatoes .20
Yogurt .20
Onion .10
Total 1.69

4.29 Even at only two real meals I go over. I am now .46 over again.

I have gotten so bad with this budget I really should consider running for congress.

A confession must be made. Despite my heavy calorie consumption yesterday I forgot to include the wine in my calculations. I am adding it to today's calories. In addition there was one glass still in the bottle which I had tonight.

This gives me 1,981 calories, and fairly rotten nutrition except for my Iron.

Tomorrow I am in Marin prepping for a party so I've no idea what I will be eating. I've planned ahead with a soup for when I get home.

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