Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp budget Month 2 Day 6

Today I am grateful to be eating on 3.66 per day. Last night on Anderson Cooper he reported on the East African drought. People are starving to death, millions. Due to political reason little aid reaches these areas and nothing of substance has been done to change the patterns and assist in making the people self sufficient.

Despite the malnutrition of the mothers babies are born every day, many of whom never make it to adulthood or even childhood. With every shipment of food we need to send birth control. In addition to teaching people how to grow sustainable food (when not in drought)we need to teach them the importance of not overpopulating a land that cannot support the population.

I begin my day with 3.94 and I feel rich and fortunate.

I finally caught up with my e mail for the last weekend. I have gotten a lot of criticism and one reader took me to task for not eating more oatmeal, bananas and lentils as they are cheap and nutritious.

While she is not wrong, except for the occasional lentil soup I tend to forget them. I've never been a big oatmeal or banana eater. So Kathy I am sorry to disappoint but I am who I am.

For breakfast I had....
Coffee .25
1/2 pound of black grapes .50
Total .75

At lunch spaghetti carbonara
2 oz pasta .19
3 slices bacon .60
One egg .20
1 ounce Parmesan cheese .37
Total 1.36

...and more chefs to see. I've a lot of 'confirmations' from chefs to participate on the 27th but when it comes to choosing a time they melt into the woodwork. I am in the process of chasing people down to finalize the schedule.

As a result I was introduced to another chef's guilty pleasure; Pork rinds and salsa. While I hate to admit it, this is a good snack.

I looked in my refrigerator before I went back out to the gym. I had corn tortillas, in my basket a really ripe tomato, garden lettuce that had been washed and not much else.

At Guerra's meats I picked up a pound of ground pork for 3.99. (Their wonderful prepared foods and catering chef will be joining us on the 27th, and they have promised to provide us with the Thanksgiving turkey for that date.)I then dropped by the farm market for some cabbage and onions and then...

I made tacos. Really good tacos. I cooked the pork with some cabbage and onion and removed half; to the rest I added a tomato and some seasoning. I stuffed this into the corn tortillas with yogurt, green onion and garden lettuce. I ate well, now let's total it up.

Pork 3.99
Cabbage (1/4 head) .25
Onion .20
Total 4.44

Half of that or 2.22 stayed in the pan and I added....
1 tomato .20 giving us 2.42. I ate half of the 2.42 tonight.

Meat 1.21
4 tortillas .16
2 scallion .10
Garden lettuce .10
Yogurt .20
Total 1.77

An expensive meal. My day total was 3.88 giving me a walloping .06 to carry into tomorrow.

As you can see I did well with certain categories and not so well in others. 1,817.00 calories.

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