Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Diabetic Food Stamp Project Day 18

I had an enormous breakfast. The enormity of it may be party due to my perception since most of the time I am eating little.

I had an entire apple with peanut butter followed by two chicken legs cooked in the leftover tomato sauce from my students stuffed peppers AND a flax filled flat bread.

Good Eats. I used torn bits of bread to tear the chicken and soak the sauce. Not a traditional breakfast, but an excellent one.

Apple (chinatown shopping) .50
Peanut butter .19
Flatbread .10
Chicken (Trader Joe's organic legs) 1.00
Coffee with cream .17
Total 1.96
Carbs 53 grams

...and did I stop eating. No. I had a great lunch. 4 chicken feet reheated and 6 dumplings in broth.
Chicken Feet Leftover from Dim Sum
1 dumpling leftover from Dim Sum
5 dumpling .90
Broth .25
Iced tea .03
Total 1.18
Carbs 22 grams

I got a workout in and came home and made stone soup and more bread dough last night.

Have you never made Stone Soup?

Same principal as the book, you find bits of what you have and put them in a soup pot. I pureed this one. I find it best if you have onion, garlic and potato for texture and flavor.

Stone Soup

8 cloves of garlic .03
2 potatoes .22
3 onions .30
1 carrot .12
Mustard green stems .18
Butter .30
Poblano chilies leftover (2)
Total  1.15
Carbs 16 grams per serving.

Cut all the vegetables into small pieces and saute in butter (or oil) until soft, remove to blender or processor and add 1 cup water and puree. Add an additional 5 cups water and season with salt and pepper and bring back to a boil. Serve.

It makes 4 nice servings and comes to .29 per serving.

I had one serving as my first course for dinner.

A small plate of mustard greens. I love those slightly bitter greens with garlic.

Then a little pasta with a hot sausage and Poblano chili sauce topped with a touch of cheese. Massively delicious.

Awesome 3 course meal.

Soup .29
Mustard green .32 (I love Chinatown prices)
Pasta .12
Garlic .03
Chilies leftover
Tomato .25
Sausage .70
Cheese .20
Total 1.91

An expensive but filling and delicious meal.

Let's look at the day total, 505.00 way more than I could spend if I did not have a cash reserve built up. I could have spent an entire 10.68 but I can carry  5.63 into tomorrow.

I managed 1,779 calories and decent nutrition.


Pamela said...


Seriously, they are delicious. I get hungry reading your blog.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

I love chicken Feet as well. Goose feet are a revelation if you've ever an opportunity to try them.