Monday, February 4, 2013

Month 2, Day 3, The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I am being reached via twitter and Facebook but am pretty easy to reach. It is perfectly alright to write directly at

If everyone who had visited this page yesterday had given one dollar we would have doubled the pledge amount we are seeking.

I won't belabor the point, but follow the links, read about the program and share and re-share until those dollars add up.

...and now for breakfast.

The benefit of all those chicken wings that will be consumed today is that chickens have other parts. Yesterday I got an amazing deal on antibiotic, hormone free chicken backs, .39 a lb.

The back does not have a lot of meat, but for a soup stock...wonderful. I simmered the backs over night with water, garlic, salt, and herbs and this morning woke to a delicious stock (my house is filled with soup). I immediately siphoned off a bit of stock for a cup of morning soup and then picked those bits of meat off the bones. With the addition of fresh mayo I turned it into that chicken salad you see.

With tomatoes from my street vendor and the other half of the free bagel I had a very filling breakfast.

Coffee w cream .15
Bagel, free
Butter .10
Tomatoes .25
Egg for mayo .21
Chicken soup cup .20
Chicken for salad .14
Total 1.05
Carbs 59 grams

Damn those noodles I had to put in my chicken broth. 60 is my max but I am uncomfortable coming close like that.

I don't know that anyone in America has not seen this, but I play this video on days I need inspiration. Julia Child never failed to delight.

And inspired I was.

In addition to my chicken stock that is resting and the red bean soup made yesterday I made a potato leek and eggplant soup, so good that if I'd had it in a restaurant with a swirl of creme for 8 bucks I would not complain.

4 tablespoons butter .40
2 red potatoes .50
Small bunch American Leeks .95
1 Chinese eggplant .40
Salt and Pepper

I sauteed the leeks, cut potatoes and sliced eggplant in the butter and let them cook til soft.Then I pureed the vegetables with water in the blender. I added more water to make about 8 cups of soup, salt and pepper and put it all on a simmer for about 20 minutes.

I have 6 mugs (each holds more than one cup) of smooth creamy soup. At about 38 cents a mug it feels a ridiculous treat. I had two mugs when I got back from the gym.

Soup .75
Iced tea .03
Total .78
Carbs 18 grams

A friend who is a critic invited me to the theatre to see the Pilo Family Circus. I knew I would come home hungry with little patience for cooking I got prepared. I set up the popcorn popper and put a can of sardines next to is (.99 a can)

The show had a lead who was very committed and quite good in a mess of show, I would love to see him do something decent. It was a show about murderous clowns, like a horror movie on stage with a lot of sound effects. 90 minutes felt like 4 hours.

I got home, fed the cats (they are eating fresh venison during all of this, they eat better than I.

5 plump sardines, I scarfed down two while the popcorn popped, tossed the corn with butter and some Parmesan cheese from the never ending Costco can.

A glass of iced tea and I was set.

Iced tea .03
Popcorn .19
Butter .30
Sardines .40
Total .92

Day Total 2.75

We might say that I did well, I saved money but by not taking the time to really cook and prepare (busy day) I had a lousy day when it comes to nutrition.
I could have spent 5.58 but spent the 2.75 leaving me with 2.83 to carry over.

This is from our government in 1917 and it is something that we are once again realizing today.



da bitch in 23 said...

Nobody in the whole damn country ate well yesterday.

Don't feel bad.

megangiselle said...

Been following your blog and reposting to Fb - never saw that Julia Child video before, nice!

Knew you were a good'un, cats are carnivores!