Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 16, Month 2, The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I started my day with peanut butter and banana, a new favorite combination. What is it about peanut butter that pairs so beautifully with both bananas and apples?

Then I had last night's leftover pudding thing, which was great re-heated and spread with soft butter.

Banana .19
Peanut butter .19
Leftovers .58
Coffee with Cream .17
Butter .20
Total 1.33

Carbs 84 grams, danger territory.

I really messed up with this meal. I was not paying attention to how many carbs the banana would add to the total and I should have remembered how many carbs were in last night's dinner.

Lunch was two of the quesadilla I had made the other day, with an iced tea.

2 quesadilla 1.10
Iced tea .03
Total 1.13
Carbs 42 grams

To pretend that dinner was anything but odd would be wrong.

I was just eating stuff I had in the house. I knew today would bring a Chinatown trip and more vegetables so I ate what I had left.

1 carrot .12
1 kohlrabi .50
6 dumplings 1.08
Pork/Ham broth .25
Total 1.95
Carbs 35 grams
I am keeping my calories up with butter and ham fat, which is not healthy. I need to cut the fat. With the fat I am not hungry all the time, without....hunger.

Today's calories 1,887.

Total 4.41 out of a potential 7.63 leaving me 3.22.


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