Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 23 The Diabetic Food Stamp Project Month 2

It is taking all of my energy reserves to keep going right now.

I have to be mentally focused and sharp and get a lot done each day.

As some of you know Harlem Hospital de-funded the program they asked me move 3,000 miles in order to run.

I am currently working with one of the doctors to set up a not for profit in order to move the project forward.

Coffee is my friend.

I had my small bit with cream this morning, followed by a breakfast pizza.
Baked in a cast iron skillet it was crisp and delicious.

Pizza crust (whole wheat and flax) .10
Cheese .30
Bacon .34
2 tomatoes (1 as sauce) .50
Coffee with Cream .17
Total 1.41
Carbs 31 grams

...and then I got to work. I've begun teaching classes since Harlem decided they no longer care about the diabetic and congestive heart failure patients. I did a little work to put forth our most popular, food improvisation. It seems to sell best to tourists and corporate groups. I love it as people learn to think of food in a new way.  More information

...and later lunch. It was a late lunch of boiled dumplings in a seasoned water/broth.

6 dumplings 1.08
Iced tea .03
Total 1.11
Carbs 22 grams

This past week I had an interesting experience. I got a call about catering a dinner, last minute for a couple who were getting married/sort of a pre-wedding bachelor party type thing. The food was already at the party site and the caterer had walked out when he learned the party was to be for two men getting married. Two men who had been together for the past 40 years.

In 2013 on the East Side of Manhattan this was shocking. When I read stories about bakeries in podunk towns refusing cakes I always think...well it's because they are in _______ and ________ has not caught up to the rest of the world.

Presumably we have.

I went, took stock and prepared I later learned a vastly different menu than the original, but one that made the hosts and guests very happy.

Thinking about this....back before I went to the Dominican Republic to cook for a year I had done a number of bachelorette parties, from tacky as all get out to very upscale.

Who is doing gay bachelor parties?

Google says no one.

Guess who is doing them now.

I teamed up with a Sketch Comedy Troupe to offer an alternative to a greasy stripper, with off color, off beat sketch comedy. Naughty but not gross (unless requested) and have begun to build a web site for gay bachelors. 

To my does not matter who you love, or how you love, it only matters that you love.

And then very late I was off to the gym.

Despite almost daily workouts I have lost two inches off my chest during this diet. I think it is a combination of poor quality food and my lower energy.

Before I ran off for this workout I had a second pot of coffee with cream.


It was late when I got home and I made my cabbage tacos with two ounces of ground turkey to boost the calories. You use cabbage, onion and tomato and all the same seasonings you would for a taco. Wonderful dish. I had them with half a can of black beans. Fast and good. I only hate half of the cabbage and turkey mix.

Tortillas .30
Beans .47
Tomato .12
Cabbage .14 (whole head was .64)
Onion .05 
Turkey .25
Cheese .20
Yogurt .38
Total 1.91
Carbs 84 grams

WOW...I messed up, but not in a dangerous way.

A type I diabetic would take 8 units of insulin.  A type II would monitor their blood sugar for signs of crisis.

However when most of the carbs are from fiber and vegetables the changes of them being slow to digest and burn are very good and often crisis is averted.

Those same carbs as cake might have meant hospital. For the entire day I was only a few grams over.

How did I do with Money? 4.60 and I had a potential 8.78 to use. I still have 4.18 to carry over. Calories 1,582, fewer calories from fat, therefore fewer calories.

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Mirabai said...

Thank you so much for doing that for that couple. I hope that not-so-random act of kindness leads to an interesting and lucrative new business venture for you.