Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Month 2 Day 4 The Diabetes Food Stamp Project

I woke up tired.

Probably a combination of low blood sugar and yesterday's poor nutrition.

Of course I went right for the coffee. I saw last night's sardines and mixed them with a bit of commercial mayo and a few capers. Crackers and I was set.

About an hour later I warmed up some of the red bean soup I had made. Wow was it good.

Sardines .60
Coffee with cream .15
Mayo .10
Crackers .35
Bean Soup .30
Total 1.50
Carbs 53 grams

Then I headed to the gym. I typically go later in the day but I needed the energy and the break. The Enquirer had brought a lot of attention, but not all of it good.

I will be doing the live at 9 talk show down in D.C. in about a month, so it was not all bad, but I got a lot of messages from hospitals seeking help.

I am not a foundation with unlimited funds so I can't go to every hospital or city to help. I need a corporate sponsor to pull of something like that. But via e mail and sharing of recipes and tips....I will help anyone who asks. 

I needed a break. The beans gave me just enough oomph to power through some heavy weights. Stopping at Trader Joe's my first oil replacement was in order. 3.99 for Sunflower oil. With the .25 a day for oil and seasonings I have spent only 6.00 thus far, out of potential 15. I have been very conservative with the oil, especially the more expensive Olive.

I also got one of their .19 bananas and 2.15 worth of cheddar. At the street vendor I got a big container of blueberries for a buck. Saturday and Sunday were bad days for fruit and veg sales so had had a lot that had to be sold and eaten quickly. I am happy to help.

Trader Joe's had 8 whole wheat pita on sale for 1.49. On the way home I picked up some beef, I got stew meat on sale for 2.79 a lb and ground it myself. How good does that look? It tasted even better.

The burger was stuffed in the pita with tomato slices 1/3 of an onion chopped and 1/4 of that tiny cabbage along with yogurt. It was heaven.

I do so much math with this project...

Beef 1.02
Cabbage .08
Tomato .39
Yogurt .19
Pita .18
1/3 of onion .03
Iced tea .03
Total 1.92
Carbs 24 grams

I keep thinking of that old slogan. Nothing satisfies like Beef. I am not typically a big meat person, but damn this was good.

Patti LaBelle provides today's inspiration.

After that burger I was not terribly hungry. For dinner I had a little bit of cheddar, a few tomatoes and another bowl of popcorn with butter.

Cheddar .40
Tomatoes .08
Popcorn .19
Butter .40 (it was a lot of butter)
Total 1.07
Carbs 43 grams

Such pretty colors.

Money wise I think I did well. That mid day meal prevented me from eating a lot later.

$Total 4.49 with yesterday's carry over I had 7.08 so into tomorrow I can carry 2.59.

Tomorrow I will have as much fruit as my carbs will allow to try to boost my energy and well being.

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