Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 21 The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I crave fat and salt. I was asked what had changed since I began this and that is the biggest change.

I crave fat and salt and am getting many more calories from fat than I used to.

When I began I was craving salad and vegetables, even a few weeks into it I wanted nothing more than a head of crisp broccoli and now if it isn't fatty and salty I have less desire for it.

I had my usual coffee with cream this morning along with a flat bread and a serving of soup.

Soup .19
Coffee/cream .17
Flatbread .10
Total 1.06
Carbs 36 grams

I checked on twitter afterwards...everyone is talking about Oprah Winfrey and her T-Fal Fryer giving her crisp french fries with little oil.

I was already craving fat and salt and Oprah Winfrey threw me over the edge. Witness lunch.

2 potatoes FRIED .20
2 Eggs FRIED .42
Bacon Fried .51
Tea .03
Total 1.16
Carbs 40 grams

Not a good trend.

 ...dinner did not veer into health food either.

I had a show. I was meeting a friend to go see Proof, a Pulitzer prize winner I had never seen, playing at the Gene Frankel Theatre down on 24 Bond.
Biscuits .80
Tomato .25
Cheese .30
Butter .20
Iced Tea .03
Total 1.58
Carbs 43 grams

I thought the play very well written, despite the amateur performances, with the exception of Andrew J. Langton as the father...great job, which stood out strongly against our two incredibly bad female leads. 2 of the actors were also producers and I am thinking this is the only way they could get cast.

Getting home at close to midnight I am happy to say I resisted the temptation to eat more food.

So why do the poor eat so much fat?

We ask it over and over again. What is wrong with 'those people' don't they know better?

Now that I am one of 'those people' I can tell you. Fat satiates, more than fiber, more than anything. Those days I have more than 50% of my calories from fat I am not hungry.

I know better, I say I am going to try and again and again I am drawn to the butter.

Let's look at my total. 3.80 out of a potential 9.28, leaving me 5.48 to carry over.

Nutrition and fiber....not good.

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