Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 15, the diabetic foods stamp diet

I just had an entire apple.

With some bad coffee (more on that later). It was so satisfying, so delicious with a touch of peanut butter so expensive.

I knew I was building up a surplus and with last night's dinner invite could afford an apple.

It was .69 cents, so a good value for an apple, but you can see how food like that can burn up your budget pretty quickly.

I was given a bag of Starbucks blond as a gift yesterday. Starbucks dark has never appealed to me and the blond less so. It was like warm water overwhelmed by the teaspoon of cream. I may have to have some real coffee later.

About an hour later I had a large bit of ham mayonnaise with some of the remaining tortilla chips and some REAL coffee with cream.

Fake Coffee with cream .05
Real Coffee with cream .17
Apple .69
Peanut butter .19
6 ounces of ham .60
1 cup of chips .50
Total 2.50 a walloping sum of money for one meal. 

I decided to make ham and cheese quesadillas. I finely chopped 16 ounce of ham@1.60, added in one can of beans@.88, 3 onions@.30, 8 ounces of cheddar@2.00 and 10 tortillas @2.29.

The filling comes to .29 a serving divided by 11 (leftover) and the quesadillas are then 25 for the tortilla and .29 for the filling making them 55 each if we round up.

I didn't eat one, but I have them to eat. I also made a stock with the ham bone.

While this was going on I heated one of the turkey empanadas from the freezer. It made a nice little lunch.

Empanada .71
Iced tea .03
Total .74
Carbs 12 grams

I had 1/11 of the filling leftover when I came  home for dinner so I made this thing.

I chopped up the remaining broccoli finely and tossed it with the ham, bean, cheese onion mix with 1/2 cup flour and 3 eggs along with a cup of water I made a pudding.

It was somewhere between a pancake and a Yorkshire pudding or a spoon bread. Awesome with butter.

Broccoli .25
Leftover ham mix .29
3 eggs . 63
Total 1.17, However I only ate half making my dinner .58 plus
Butter .20
Total .78
Carbs 55 grams

Day Total 4.02 I had a potential 7.24 so I can carry over 3.22.

Calories 1,906,again way too many calories from fat.

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