Saturday, February 2, 2013

Month 2: Day 1 the Diabetic Food Stamp Project

...and so it goes.

For those who want to learn more about Stirring the Pot go here.

To make a donation to the program go to this  program go to this page.

For those who asked...I am on twitter I also wanted to direct link to the fundraising site HERE for those who want to donate to the Stirring The Pot program.

For those who don't know I am doing this to bring attention to the struggles of those living on food assistance or who had little money for food. Good food can do a lot to give us good health.

I carry over .86 into the month which will be added into today giving me 5.11.

I never thought I would get through the first month. Today I celebrate dreaming of a white breakfast.

Leftover biscuits, banana, butter, and butter of peanut...the B list.

Biscuits .22
Banana .19
Peanut butter .19
Butter .10
Coffee with cream .15
Total .66
Carbs 49 grams

Neither my best nor worst breakfast but it is hard to argue with 66 cents.

This is not a pretty picture...

It was however a fast and delicious soup.

Today I worked out at the Y, I was given a free month. I had not been there in 21 years. It was my first gym when I moved to NY.

21 years ago the East Side Y was a little ratty, but large and I could walk to where I was working at the time. It was also cheap.

I left the Y to join NYSC and now it is pretty ratty and needs to be closed and scrubbed down, so I suspended NYSC and re-tried the Y.

I had to run around a bit and thought it was cool to go through Grand Central on it's 100th birthday so I made the trek.

WOW what a difference 21 years makes.

They have renovated, upgraded and have cleaning people everywhere. Not too busy in mid afternoon but I did an excellent shoulder workout (still part rehab from my accident), and while lifting someone called my name.


A gentlemen held out his hand to me and I put the weights down as he greeted me. I had no idea who he was until we started talking. He had no idea I'd been away for 21 years.

I was shocked that I was still recognizable and it took me a few minutes to make the connection. He was a performer whom I'd met and gone to see several times at his shows, now he teaches at NYU. Life goes on.

It made me feel good to know that someone could recognize me still from the much younger me.

Anyway...enough bragging. I had more stops before home and was ready to drop when I got here.

I grabbed the remaining thigh, browned it while I took my coat off, added water, seasoning, 5 of the dumplings from Chinatown and once all that had cooked some broccoli.

It was a great soup. It was 3 dumplings down by the time I took the photo above. I ate them standing at the stove.

I feel so much better.

5 dumplings @.18 per .90
1/2 the remaining broccoli .23
1 chicken thigh .31
Total 1.44
Carbs 28 grams

Though I had a late lunch I still managed to find the appetite for both a snack and dinner.

While dinner was cooking I had the remaining cherries from Chinatown.

Cherries .50
Carbs 18 grams

Pushing it for a snack but at the same time, fibrous and more slow digesting than a cookie.

Dinner was Pasta Bianca, it literally means white sauce. Just barely enough butter to coat the pasta and a little cheese tossed in with black pepper. It is one of the simplest and easiest Italian dishes to make.

It is considered the inspiration for that vile Alfredo the Olive Garden and other fat food restaurants serve, this version has only a fraction of the calories.

Remember that pork I began to cure two weeks ago.

At the time I was thinking proscuitto crude but when I washed the cure off last night it looked like a well seasoned ham so I popped it in a slow oven. After a couple of hours I sliced off a bit of the outside and I had made a delicious dry cured ham. It was just salty enough to add great flavor into dishes and allows me to use meat as a seasoning which is my preference.

I took those shards of porky goodness and along with one tablespoon of butter warmed it in a pan. when the pasta and broccoli were cooked I tossed them with the porky butter added black pepper and cheese and sat down to a small but incredible meal.

Pasta .12
Broccoli .23
Cheese from a can .20
House cured ham .25
Butter .20
Iced tea .03
Total 1.03
Carbs 41 grams

Day Total 3.63
Calories 1,492

I had 5.11 I spent 3.63 leaving me with 1.48, an extra meal for tomorrow. 

I need more calories, tomorrow I am going to have to make an effort to up calories without adding in carbs, get more vitamin E and fiber and......

You get the picture.



Anonymous said...

I've only read back so far, but love how you detail prices and what happens to each food item.

You buy the pork, cure the pork and a couple of weeks later it ends up in a dish, you buy the cherries and eat them penny by penny.

It is a great way to see how to use everything we buy.

I know there is no waste at your house.

Anonymous said...

You should be talking to Oprah Winfrey, she cares about people and she has that new channel.

I bet she can do a lot for something like this.

Dave said...

What about Paula Deen and Bobby Deen. You need to be talking to both of them.

Paula needs to sit down with you and open a foundation.

da bitch in 23 said...

Paula Deen is right. That girl knows food and I bet if you team up you can show her some healthy things and she can get you to try one bite of her biscuits, with the gravy.