Thursday, February 14, 2013

Month 2, Day 13, The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

Many cultures have a version of ham and cheese. In France they put the ham and cheese and a croissant for breakfast or lunch. It is a great day starter so it makes sense.

I came up with a newish one. I used the very dense dough from yesterday, rolled it as thin as I could and put 3 ounces of the ham I cured along with one ounce of shredded cheddar. I brushed with butter and baked in a hot oven.

It was a very good meal.

The bread might have been too dense for some as it was all whole grain, with oats, flax and stone ground whole wheat. However I lvoed it and the fiber kick is a very good thing.

I also had my coffee and a banana with peanut butter.

Coffee with cream .17
Banana .19
Peanut butter .19
Bread dough .10
Ham .30
Cheese .25
Total 1.20
Carbs 55 grams

I had a nice lunch of pasta...again.
I didn't intend to, but I needed to use the last of the sauce before it turned. Today I added a smoked sausage to the mix. Wow was it delicious and my tiny pasta filling with that sausage link.

Even though the portions are small I am finding I can't do this without pasta. It keeps the budget in line and gives me energy for the afternoon.

1.5 ounce of pasta .12
Sauce .58
Sausage .70
Iced Tea .03
Total 1.43
Carbs 46 grams

My workout today was pitiful. My energy dropping about 20 minutes into it. Looking back at my diet I see that I need more vegetables...

I made a point to have some for dinner.
Simple Soup Supper. I threw a few frozen dumplings in some chicken broth and added broccoli.

Broth .25
Broccoli .25
6 dumplings 1.08
Total 1.58
Carbs 34 grams

....but I download tv shows and rarely watch them, but my I was really achey from a fall that I had in November (NY Sports still has not dealt with it)and I wanted to sit in a chair and do little. So I started to watch Copper and got hooked. Somewhere in the middle of episode 2 I made popcorn.

Organic Corn .19
Butter .30
Iced Tea .03
Total .52
Carbs 38 grams of carb

Ah...but I did get my calories up, unfortunately they were 47% from fat, but I got a rare 2,144.

Day Total 4.73 I had the potential to spend 6.95. I can carry over 2.22 into tomorrow.

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