Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 6 Month 2, The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I learned something new today.

I'd read in a piece online that flat bread could be made in a very hot wok with an excellent result. Just like a clay pot you throw it down, wait for it to bubble and rise and turn over.

This was an awesome whole wheat bread, more similar to any in the Middle East than those done in the cast iron skillet.

Coffee black .10
Blueberries .25
Pomegranate .50
2 flat bread .16
Butter .10
Total 1.11
Carbs 55 grams

Bread and fruit pushed the carbs but not over the brink. It was such good bread. I've plenty more dough in the frig and it will be difficult for me not to have it at every meal. I love bread.

For once I got lunch in before the gym. I stayed home this morning and did such ambitious things as laundry. I am still very bad at folding but a lot of hangers help.

I had almost an identical lunch to yesterday but 8 meatballs. I decided to live a little.  I also used more cheese.

Pasta .12 (1.5 ounces)
Sauce .50
Meatballs (8) .48
Cheese .30
Iced tea .03
Total 1.47
Carbs 46 grams

Dinner was a pig out.

This is some more of that beautiful bread as it baked on the wok.

I got chopped steak, you know those super cheap cuts they put through a machine to tenderize. I cut two of the thin cutlets into tiny strips and sauteed with 2/3 of an onion and 1/2 of a red pepper, I added Worcestershire sauce and butter. It was inspired by a preparation on the Pioneer Woman's web site before she became a tv person.

Getting hungry yet?

That's what I am talking about. Even though it was not massive buy many standards, to me it made me feel like a stuffed turkey, in a good way.


Bread .08
Meat 1.40
1/2 red pepper .33
2/3 onion .06
Butter .20
Total 2.07 (It was a costly indulgence)
Carbs 46 grams

In tallying up the day I realize that although I never went hungry my calories are WAY down. Too far down. I ate butter and bread and pasta and beef and am still not getting the calories I need. I am still trying for 2,400 but I really need to go above 1,600.

Today's calories 1,528

Today's Total 4.65. With the 3.69 carry over I had 7.84 so I carry 3.19 into tomorrow. 

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