Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 14, the Diabetic Food Stamp Diet

To say I have no Valentine would be untrue, however that is not who I will be dining with tonight.

Before I realized what day today is my Uncle Carl had invited me for dinner on Thursday, a Thursday like any other I assumed. I wake up and the world is awash in red sweaters, and since I knew Christmas was over I knew it must be V.D. day.

What could I do...I had a presentation as a Senior Center to prepare for so I made a good breakfast.

Not pictured peanut butter and crackers. This was major, house cured ham, two eggs, one ounce of cheddar. Awesome meal.

Crackers .07
Peanut butter .19
Ham .40
Eggs .42
Cheese .25
Coffee w/cream .17
Total 1.50
Carbs 23 grams

Peanut butter, eggs with cheese and ham can sock your calories up. I am glad of that.

I was here doing paperwork...we are in the process of setting up a new 501C3 Corporation, not for profit. (If anyone has a line on an accountant who would be willing to work with us for no money, let us know)

...eventually it got to be lunchtime.

I had an exact duplicate of last night's dinner.

Broth .25
Broccoli .25
6 dumplings 1.08
Total 1.58
Carbs 34 grams

I then proceeded to my Uncle Carl's to make an amazing dinner.

I brought some of the flat bread dough to bak off and he had taken care of the rest of the meal.

I cooked but we had a amazing repast.
Atlantic char, a pasta made with only a few noodles containing Swiss Chard, tomatoes, olives, fresh basil feta cheese.

As a first course I baked off the flat bread and we had it with an awesome goat brie, and a little extra sharp cheddar.

I am almost afraid to add up the carbs.

Dinner; Courtesy of Uncle Carl
Flatbread .40
Total .40
Carbs 58 grams, still in the safe zone

Before I get into the day total etc...look at what more food of better quality did to my nutrition for the day.

I did not topple my carb count yet I went way higher with everything, even getting E and D which I rarely do.

Because the meal was a Valentine's gift my budget was unharmed. I also managed 2,253 calories without a lot of cheap carbs. Carl spent about 16.00 for the ingredients for that meal, making one amazing meal an extra 8 dollars per day.

Something to think about.

Day Total 3.48 out of a potential 6. 47 leaving me with 2.99 to carry over.

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