Monday, February 18, 2013

Month 2 day 17 the diabetic food stamp project

Today was a party.

A party to be all parties. It was the Chinese New Year annual dim sum event.

I ate like I had never been fed before in my life, and brought home some chicken feet.

I counted each bite and tried to be careful as I had had a banana with Peanut butter and coffee before leaving the house.

Coffee/Cream .17
Banana .19
Peanut butter .19
Dim Sum including roast duck and beef ribs and turnip cake. .NA
Total .55
Carbs 65 grams

My head count had me at 60 but when I added up the bites by bite at home I was over my limit again. Damn. Not in the danger zone, but still too many carbs.

I do have to say every bite was bliss.

I love Dim Sum. I tried not to overdo on the dumplings because of the wrappers, but had rib tips and roast duck with impunity. This is approximate but I had at least 1,000 calories.

That was pretty much it for the day.

I taught a food improvisation class last night. These are the most popular and most fun class taught. So had had a few tastes, but the dim sum had me so full, other than to make sure the food was excellent (it was) I did not eat.

One great recipe came out of the mix I will share today.

Mushroom Coconut Soup

1 cup dried mixed mushroom
3 cups water
Rehydrate by putting mushrooms in water, bring to a boil then simmer
Add in
Stalks from 1 lb mustard greens (swiss chard or any other stalk would work just as well)
1 quart beef stock
1 small can coconut milk
4 large canned poblano chilies
Mix with mushroom mix
Scoop out mushroom and mustard solids
Puree solids

Add freshly ground pepper and about a teaspoon of beef concentrate, let simmer for approximately 30 minutes.

This is what the class ate.

Venison medallions in a butter and caper sauce
Beef mushroom soup with a coconut base and Poblano peppers
Mustard greens with Ma Po sauce and pomegranate
Pasta with chorizo and fresh tomato sauce
Buffalo stuffed peppers in a Spanish style tomato sauce
Chocolates made with fresh pomegranate sunflower seeds and dried cherries

Along with two wines, a California and a Spanish.

After I cleaned up for about an hour I had some popcorn with plenty of butter.
Popcorn .19
Butter .30
Total .49
Carbs 42 grams

As stuffed as I was my calories for the day were only 1,528. This will not be as accurate as when I cook, because when I cook I enter every ingredient separately. With Dim sum I put the number of pieces and the estimate of ounces of duck etc.

Estimates and counts are not as accurate as a food scale.

In other words the count could easily be off by a couple hundred calories.

Let's add up the day. I know I didn't spend much on myself; 1.04 out of a potential 7.47, leaving me 6.43 to carry over.


Colleen said...

Mmmmmm Dim Sun, something you cannot get here in Charleston. I am so very jealous!

Colleen said...

Mmmmmm Dim Sun, something you cannot get here in Charleston. I am so very jealous!