Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 20, the Diabetic Food Stamp Project.

I had yesterday's lunch as today's breakfast.

Chicken mix 1.45
Cheese .74
Crackers .07
Coffee with cream .17
Total 2.43
Carbs 44 grams

It was plenty of food and the red pepper and onion get a vegetable in me before noon.

A few hours later I tried one of my salted eggs. The recipe said they take 30 days, but these are almost done. I hard boiled one and I think with another two or three days of cure they will be congee ready.

Egg .21
Apple .50
Peanut butter .19
Second coffee/cream .17
Total 1.07
Carbs 22 grams

I went to the gym and to a friends where we caught up a bit and finally home.

I had pork belly ready to go, all seasoned and could not abide the idea of eating meat.

I wanted my sugar pea sprouts. I made my ration of 1.5 ounces of pasta with a lot of garlic, a touch of butter and oil and the pea shoots.

Totally delicious...a couple of hours later...popcorn with more butter.

I've the feeling it will be too many calories from fat again.

Pasta .12
Butter .10
Cheese .20
Pea shoots .70
Total 1.12
Carbs 37 grams

Popcorn .19
Butter .30
Total .49
Carbs 37 grams

Carbs were okay (a touch high) for the day but again, more than half of my calories from fat. Bad trend. 1, 726 calories, consistently higher for the wrong reason.

Day Total 5.11 out of a potential 10.14 leaving me 5.03 to carry over.

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