Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 9 , Month 2The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I have often made congee as a soup base and kept a plain congee in the refrigerator to add to as I eat it.

If I'd had plain this morning I would have added egg and maybe anchovy, but I had the meatball congee so I began my day with two cups of that.

2 cups of congee .56
Coffee .10
Carbs 10 grams
Total .66

And then I made French Fries. I blame Bobby Deen for the fries.

He was on Dr. Oz yesterday when I was at the gym touting his reduced fat versions of Mama's food again.

Someone needs to make clear to Bobby that Canola oil and genetically modified food are not healthy.

He was touting baked green tomatoes and baked chicken and pretending they tasted as good as fried.

Skinny bitches have been on tv since the 60's trying to convince the world that chicken baked in cereal flakes is 'just as good' as fried chicken and your 'mouth won't know the difference'. It is just not true.

We can't pretend that fried chicken is healthy, but neither can we pretend that some nasty chicken breast in corn flakes is good food.

That got me thinking about how good fried chicken really is.

Last night I dreamed of fried food. All night long.

I also had two potatoes in the house I picked up yesterday.

The congee while good did not fully satiate me and the potato wanted to be fried. I was powerless.

so I fried the potato and had it with coffee.

Man it was good.

Coffee .10
Potato .50 (oil can be recycled)
Total .60
Carbs 37 grams

Just under 300 calories.

I have to look in my frig and pick dinner and do something ahead so that I don't make fried chicken.

Bobby Deen can make you fat.

And then chicken soup. Just a little of the broth I had with a few noodles, not much.

Cup of broth with a few noodles .14
Carbs 16 grams

I don't blame Bobby Deen for this. It was a small plate of awesomeness.

I made a sauce.

3 cloves fresh garlic .03
1 can tomatoes .97
Home ground Beef .50
Home cured ham ground .25
Sauce total 1.75

This will give me at least 3 servings at .58 per.

1.5 ounce of pasta .12
Sauce .58
Iced tea .03
Total .73

From the gym I went to a friend's house. We had a nice talk. I am determined to turn Stirring The Pot into something bigger and more helpful than it ever could be run via a hospital. As soon as I can find an attorney who will work with me I will begin the process of setting up a not for profit foundation.

I got home around 9. My good intentions blown I quickly sliced and added a sausage to red bean soup and put it to heat.

I grabbed the dough from the frig and pressed out a disc, stuffed a little cheese inside and threw it on the hot wok.

10 minutes later I was eating.
Cheese .10
Bread .08
Soup .30
Sausage (1/2) .35
Popcorn .19
Butter (bread and popcorn).40
Total 1.42
Carbs 75 grams

This went 15 grams over my max of 60 per meal.

I sent an e mail to the nutritionist who has been advising me giving my food and carb count.

She responded that I would not have been in danger as beans are high fiber and slow to digest, and popcorn is filled with fiber, as was the whole grain bread. The fiber would have saved me, but at the same time I was reminded that it was important to eat the fiber AND go under that number.

I know it was a lousy day. I was focused on too many things and did a lot of random eating.

$ Total 3.41, I had 5.29 to spend so can carry over 1.88. It is time to eat some broccoli,

Calories 2,046 from carbs and butter.

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talking to YOU said...

Bobby Deen makes me want to eat fried food too.

I tried his baked chicken in corn flakes and the whole wheat mac and cheese with lowfat chese and both dishes were just NASTY.

How 'bout just roasting the chicken without cereal on it?

I love a baked chicken.

He seems so sweet and he is skinny now, but he need to learn to cook his own food that has got nothing to do with his Mama.