Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 22, The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I am ready for this to be over.

At the same time I am mindful that for many it is never over. There are many in this country who can't point to a day on the calendar and say...on that day I can have apples and broccoli and salmon because they simply can't afford it.

Many who can never get food assistance because of the hateful bureaucratic system and mountains of paper required. Paper that often does not exist when you live on the margins.

Many who eat the cheapest food possible to keep going.

My skill, access and time has made me vastly more fortunate than they on a daily basis.

And thus my morning meal. A thin omelet in  buttered biscuits.

Biscuits .80
2 eggs .42
Mushrooms .25
Butter .10
Coffee/cream .17
Total 1.74
Carbs 31 grams

...and then there's lunch.

I had a networking event to attend so I had a late lunch and a substantial meal.
I had cured some pancetta with a bit of Chinatown pork belly and used it to make an awesome little portion of spaghetti carbonara. I added mushrooms making it even better.

Pancetta .33
Pasta .12
Cheese .30
Egg .21
Mushrooms .50
Total 1.46
Carbs 35 grams

I had a great time at Social last night (wine helped) and came home late and hungry.

I had mostly green beans with a little 5 spice braised pork belly. Those little flecks of white on the right, that was my miniscule amount of rice. I still hate brown rice with a white hot passion so I have my teensy measured portion of white.

Pork Belly 1.00
Green Beans .58
Ginger .34
White Rice .08
Total 2.00
Carbs 50 grams (including the wine)

Day total 5.20, and despite my opulent spending my nutrition was not great. I had 9.73 to spend and 4.53 to carry over.

2,110 calories 59% from fat.


Linda said...

I just found your blog and have been reading a bit. Why, oh why do you dislike brown rice so much? Tast? Texture? Sight?

may I suggest a recipe? Cook Uncle Ben's parboiled brown rice in the microwaver per the box directions. When it is almost done, put butter in a cast iron skillet, cook onions of whatever kind until they are starting to brown in the butter. Dump the done rice in the skillet with a little extra water, bouillon flakes, and allow the water to steam in the hot, buttery skillet. Stir rapidly to get the flavor infused into the rice.

I put very little butter in the pan, little or lots of onion, and very little bouillon because of the sodium content.

Uncle Ben's parboiled whole grain brown rice retains 80% of the nutrition of brown rice and will store as well as white rice.

It would be interesting to see what the nutrition in this would be.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

Thank you.

I don't do microwaved food at all but I have had brown rice infused with onion, garlic and bouillon and still kinda hate it.

I like my rice to clump together and brown rice stays separate. It is very difficult to eat with chopsticks.

Rice for me almost always accompanies Asian food.