Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Month 2 Day 12 The Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I am glad February is a short month.

Today I had cream for my coffee and it changed everything. My slightly acidic cup was transformed into a delicious deep flavor filled brew.

Coffee with cream .17
Potato cabbage pancake .62
Pomegranate .50
Total 1.34
Carbs 50 grams

Part of my exciting yesterday was a trip to Trader Joe's. I indulged. Just on one item, but it was an enormous indulgence for me.

They had on offer a 'fresh brie' not aged, no rind. I tend to love Brie that is dripping with age and ripeness. I asked about this cheese and they offered to sample it for me.

It tastes nothing like mature brie, but it has a fresh young taste and a super buttery creaminess.

I had a tiny fraction of it as my semi lunch with a few crackers and a second round of coffee. Exquisite. I had forgotten how good an ooey gooey creamy cheese can be.

Cheese .74
Crackers .07
Coffee with cream .12
Total .93
Carbs 21 grams

After my lunch snack I went into the kitchen to make some more bread dough. I loved that flat bread so much I decided to make it again with some flax added for more fiber. I have a starter bubbling away and will go mix it up soon.

Saturday pork should was on sale for .99 a lb. I had such success with my dry cured ham I decided to try a wet cure.

I took two liters of water and brought it to a boil with a big handful of garlic, some 5 spice, 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of kosher salt. The shoulder rested in the cure until today when I got it out and roasted it.

The result was one of the best hams I have ever had in my life. Not too salty, wonderfully porky and just slightly sweet with that hint of garlic. I am a little in awe that something this good can be made in the refrigerator. Nitrate laden commercial ham was 4.99 a lb this same week. I saved 4 bucks a pound.

I just had a small plate. The skin was so brown and so crisp that my plate included a heaping helping of crackling skin. As far as calculations I weighed the ham both before and after the cure, deducting the bone it comes to about 10 cents an ounce.

I have 5 ounces for my snack so...

Ham .50
Carbs 0

I spent my evening at the gym and then met with the folks from the FUCTNYC comedy troupe. I won't give away the exciting plans underway just yet, but think about the possibility of food meeting comedy, comedy meeting food, of course with some alcohol involved.

I was given a glass of wine, oh my goodness I miss wine. I am not sure what wine it was, but it was fruity and filled with flavor and I slept well.

But not before making another quick snack. I got home and the cats declared they needed another meal so I decided to have a bite before bed.

Determined to be light I quickly heated up some chicken broth and threw a few egg noodles in.

Just enough savory goodness to ensure an excellent night's sleep. At one point I woke up laughing, and I wish I could remember that dream.

Broth .25
Noodles .11
Total .36
Carbs 21 grams

I am realizing how much harder it is to stick with good nutrition on a busy day. Calories 1,453.

Day Total 3.13, way under. I had up to 5.83 so I can carry over 2.70.

I need to make it a point to eat well today.

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