Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living as a Diabetic Day 2

I ate too little at breakfast. I have no appetite and had two plums, a little ham and my coffee. 18 grams of carb; with a target of 45 to 60 I did not make the best choices.

I got a flat tire on my motorbike and pushed it 14 blocks to the repair station and was ravenous by lunchtime. I repaired to the St. Francis Diner on 24th to eat. They make great burgers, really great burgers, with carmelized onion and mayonnaise. It is possible to have a great burger without fries.

I could have asked for a green salad, or some fruit. I knew that a hamburger bun of this size was about 20 grams of carb, and that the onion would add some, as would the tomato so I went for the fries and ate half. Can I tell you how hard it was to stop eating. Ultimately I ate one cup of fries, about 75% of the bun (I trimmed off the outside edges)and all of everything else.

Be aware that if you use ketchup on the fries or the burger on average it will contain 15 grams of carbohydrate. Ketchup is largely sugar. Ketchup = Fewer fries. 

When I got home I anxiously counted it all up. 45 grams of carb. I did it. had I eaten the entire order of fries and all of the bun it would have been a very bad meal.

You can have a burger and fries (just not at McDonald's.) if you use extraordinary willpower and not finish the plate.

Dinner was again pork belly...(what I made a lot) but I had less rice and added in one cup of broccoli to up my nutrition and fiber content.

Dinner...51 grams of carb, well within my zone.

While not a day in perfect balance I did better and kept my calories within range.


Angel said...

Catsup on fries = yuck. (Catsup is pretty much a yuck). I'm a mayo on fries girl. No carbs there!

Angel said...

Catsup on fries = yuck. (Catsup in general is yuck). I'm a mayo on fries girl - no carbs there!

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

I completely agree. I despise ketchup/catsup in all of it's forms, but there is no denying that in America it is the most popular condiment for both burgers and fries.

Angel said...

I rather like warm homemade catsup with a little molasses and soy sauce. But spare me the icky sweet high fructose corn syrup commercial versions. But remember when Chip used to put catsup on everything? (Yeah, it's Elaine, for some reason I logged in under another account).