Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fusion on the Road; Call me a snob

I apologize if some of the days are out of order. As I find the right photos and notes I will add the missing day.

Right now I speak of today.

I took a day of rest and laundry and stayed in one city. I needed it badly.

I got a few heated comments and even more angry e mail regarding my post on Golden Corral. If trying to meet my nutritional needs and keep the carbs under the 60 grams allowed per meal makes me a snob. Then please call me one. I will be a snob with pride if I can eat well prepared food that is nutritious and get in a few treats along the way.

Today was a decent balance.

No photos of breakfast as I devoured it. I went to a place called Chili Mac's Diner down the street and had two soft eggs with a biscuit and sausage gravy. Calories to the top of the chart, but what a soul satisfying breakfast. Great coffee, good service and low prices. I walked away happy and of course got to the gym around lunch time and worked out like a demon. Then I had an apple.

I dropped off the laundry, got the Kansas dust washed off the car and came back to the hotel, not wanting to drive. I walked over to a sandwich place for a late lunch. I got the Italian Sub at Jimmy John's. The menu said, ham, capicola, salame, with lettuce, tomato and and doused with Italian dressing. I got the bread scooped to halve the carbs and dove in.

I could have been eating tofu. The sandwich had no discernible flavor. No salty ham, no depth of flavor and spice from the salami, no hint of capicola, no herb from the Italian dressing. The most flavorful element was the lettuce. I can not imagine where Jimmy John's manages to find such bland and totally flavorless ingredients. I was hungry so I ate but was incredibly unsatisfied. 39 grams worth.

My dinner solved all.

I slept for several hours and woke up wanting to make up my nutritional deficit. I had been to a beautiful grocer in the day for fruit. I went to the incredible salad bar and made the most beautiful salad with spinach, mixed greens, kidney beans, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, carrots, broccoli, radish, egg, bacon bits, feta cheese and shrimp. I drizzled olive oil and vinegar.

This salad was a blissful, crisp delicious antidote to tan food with no fiber.

Then I had chicken wings. All the folks behind the Deli counter told me that they were known for their spicy fried chicken and that a salad was not a meal.

I got two wings.

I wish I had added a drumstick.

This chicken was what fried chicken was meant to be. It was spicy, moist, just a little greasy, and packed with flavor.

That was a happy treat. My dinner logged in at 27 grams of carb.

The apple was too high for a diabetic, a small one would have been fine but this was a large at close to 30 grams, too many for a snack.

My calories came in at 2,584. I am fine with that, it was an active day and they have been on the low side. It is okay to have a day of fine eating like that chicken. Just not every day.

Nutrition was great, which makes me very happy.

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