Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fusion On the Road Diabetic Challenge

...and so it begins.

I had breakfast in San Francisco. 1 egg omelet with zucchini and cheese. This along with 10 blackberries and one slice of buttered whole grain toast. Of course coffee with milk. 25 grams of carb.

Lunch was a drive through Chinese. I ate on a picnic table out of a plastic carton. Chicken and broccoli steam fried (no oil) that was really delicious. The container was loaded with rice, I ate none of it. I have a healthy fear of rice.

I came in at 15 grams of carb...I could have had a little rice.

In the car I ate 3 pieces of beef jerky, 4 grams of has some sugar in the cure. 

Dinner was a revelation. In Reno I stopped at La Famiglia and sat at the bar and had a plate of pasta. The 'right' amount of pasta. It was actually more clams that pasta and wonderful.
I left behind the bread...see all those clams. 56 glorious carbs at dinner.

My day total was 100 grams of carb and while low, I spent the day driving so my calorie and carb needs were not normal...calories 1,521.


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