Friday, August 10, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge; getting used to it

This morning for breakfast I took the path of least resistance and had the rest of the noodles with tuna and peanuts from last night. I had them cold with my coffee and it was a delicious if non traditional breakfast. I woke up hungry and since I already knew that the carbs would fit my plan I went for it.

My 39 gram lunch consisted of two nice cups of home made vegetable soup along with two plump plums.

I have gotten in slightly over 1,000 calories which is appropriate. I am also feeling stuffed. Soup really satiates and I am not sure if I can do a snack today. We will see what the day brings.

...and the day brought a lot of activity. As I prepare for Harlem I ran around a lot and did my gym time. I did have my snack, a short cup of chicken noodle soup. I like eating foods I know will fit in my carb count. It is easy when hungry to rely on foods I know rather than calculate the carbs to determine if a snack is viable.

I have to say my dinner was slamming. I went for the wok and a scant 3 ounces of thinly slice beef along with 2 cups of poke greens, 1 tomato, garlic, basil, peanuts and hot peppers. Wow it was great.

The hardest part was my measure of 1/2 cup of rice to accompany. I cooked a bit more to have rice for breakfast but left to my own devices I could easily have a rice plate with a couple of hundred carbs.

I had room for a glass of wine, so I enjoyed that with the meal.

So how did I do?

59 grams of carb for dinner. Enough without going over.

I felt stuffed all day. No hunger, it is actually taking effort to eat enough. When you limit carbs you need more bulk to make up the calories and if you want nutrition and fiber that bulk needs to come from vegetables. Fiber nothing else.

When I was eating 'normally' my portions were small and calorie dense thanks to fat and carbs. Limiting those gives me so much more food to eat.

My calories 1,866.

Wow...those veggies really bump up the nutrition and fiber. 

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