Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, Monday:The Diabetic Challenge

I began the day with two cups of watermelon.

I've not many food choices in the house so I pulled a small mystery package from the freezer. 59 grams of carb, I was done.

Sylvia took me out to lunch today and the menu was a minefield. I finally settled on the open faced roast beef sandwich, with gravy, potatoes and vegetables. I eschewed the bread, eating only the meat and gravy. 60 grams of carb on the nose...I am grateful I did not go for that bread.

Somehow I lucked out at dinner. I got a fajita platter With skirt steak, roast pork, and shrimp, all reasonable amounts.

With it of course salsa, chips and warm flour tortillas were served.

I had two cups of chips, not sure of the carb count. I stopped at one tortilla and knew better than to eat the rice and beans. I ate all the shrimp and took the meat home as leftovers.

How did I do?

Amazingly I came in at 59 grams.

By not eating the obvious pitfalls and moderately of the things about which I was unsure I kept my carbs under control.

Calories 1,737.

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