Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living as a Diabetic Day 5

Bread is a devil. Without even thinking this morning I made toast, consuming another 1/3 of the loaf from last night, warmed a very small portion of split pea with some water added to soothe my throat, and downed a nectarine. 62 grams of carb, I have maxed out my breakfast.

They key point is that I did it without thinking. Diabetics can never eat without thinking. Though just slightly, I went over my max and am not yet satisfied, nor have I even had coffee. Being as my goat milk contains some carbohydrate I am going to have to make coffee wait and have it with a mid morning snack.

I skipped the snack and went right to lunch. An early lunch. The devil bread was calling my name.

I had pulled a package out of the freezer the other day, one of those little foil surprises I make when I have too much of something. Turned out to be a perfect thin slice of beef liver. I sauteed it in butter and put it on the last piece of bread, toasted and finally got my coffee. I needed that coffee. 36 grams of carb and some much needed protein. Due to the liver my B vitamins are off the chart today and now I can proceed with some of the multitude of preparations I need to make for Harlem Hospital. 

And I did crave an afternoon snack....I had my 16 grams of carb chicken soup.

Dinner was LATE so I had another cold supper. I had to use up the chicken so instead of making a chicken salad, chunky with lots of mayo, I put the chicken in the food processor with 1/2 an onion and some yogurt and made a spread.

With a few added capers it was delicious.
I used a small zucchini sliced to reduce my cracker intake and added a few tablespoons of hummus. I should point out that my stuffed to overflowing plate is a 5 inch plate, not a traditional dinner plate. I also had the rest of last night's tomato salad and a glass of wine.55 grams of carb for dinner.

While I feel as if I was eating all day my caloric intake was pretty low at 1,587.
Nutrition very good, fiber, decent.

More calories and more vegetables will be my goal tomorrow. 


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