Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge getting my vitamins

Diabetics have many challenges, getting enough calories without getting too many. Eating the right amount of fiber, meeting vitamin and mineral needs without too much fruit.

It is not an easy task. Even as a chef who has spent months studying and learning I find challenges in my own life trying to live this way.

This morning I woke up and asthma was having it's way. Soup helps, I thinned a bit of the split pea with water to make it sippable and it soothed my throat and reduced my wheeze. I followed it with some coffee and a small pear. 59.9 grams of carbohydrate. To my mind I've not even had breakfast, but as far as carbs I am done for a few hours.

I can't say whether this was a snack or a lunch but I just had a small mass of oysters. They were small but amazing and fresh, I dipped them in flower and crisped in some olive oil.

27 grams of carb and close to 500 delicious crisp nutrient dense calories. It is a good thing I take a supplement and extra vitamin C. When I am high in one nutrient I seem to be low in another. Oysters are great if you need more D and B12.

I did have my two mini meal/snacks today. 2 Ak Mak With peanut butter for one and one cup of chicken soup for the other.  The first 10 grams of carb, the second 16.

I went to Africa for my dinner.

I have been talking to Dr. Rhonda Trousdale about the importance of native and historical foods. In Italy the don't eat massive bowls of spaghetti and meatballs and in China they don't eat General Chow's chicken. Americans created those dishes.

By going back to our roots we can often find healthier foods that still pack a punch with flavor.

I purchased some Injera, an Ethiopian bread made from Teff flour. Low in carb and very healthy stuff.

I stewed 4 chicken wing mid joints with some beans, onion and tomato, sort of a Loubia. I made collard greens with only garlic and a touch of salt rather than my usual smoked turkey broth. I sauteed cabbage with cumin, cinnamon and preserved lemon to make a delectable treat and roasted a red pepper.

This massive meal (I had seconds on some things) gave me 59 grams of carb, loads of fiber and nutrition.

My calories for the day were 1,731. I still need to bump that up somehow, but check out the nutrition bar.

African food rocks.


who can eat just one? said...

I look at those tiny plates and small portions and I know I have a challenge. I been told for years smaller portions and I just don't seem to ever do it. Maybe I just have to use tiny plates like you.

Anonymous said...

You need to know that Harlem Hospital does NOT answer e mail.