Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Diabetes Project Part 2 Day One

Today I begin a month long Diabetes project.

I contacted the Dietician who advised me on the first one and because my weight is much lower than when I began the first my carb count has been set higher to keep up with my energy expenditure.

I have a maximum of 60 carbs per meal, 15 per snack not to exceed 200 per day. I will be purposefully having more sodium and more fat than most diabetics, so unless I post a recipe don't follow everything I eat.

Rhonda Trousdale the brilliant endocrinologist at Harlem Hospital got me started on this one as I prepare to do more work with diabetics and bariatric patients.

Prior to Rhonda's e mail I had already consumed one large sourdough pretzel and some coffee with goat milk. Carefully I had some sliced ham and 3/4 cup of fresh delicious cherries and I was at 40 grams of carbohydrate for breakfast. The bulk of those carbs came from my Trader Joe's sourdough pretzel.

I like challenges and will plan for what the day may bring.

I planned and in a sense I failed. I took the last two pretzels with me and some cheese in case I needed a snack, but because I was out all day and it was not a good day they were lunch.

For dinner I had to use what was thawed (shopping got moved to today)so I made a braised pork belly with cabbage and rice.

Calories 2,115 total carbs 139 grams. Well under my 180 max even with my one full cup of rice.

However...I was out of balance with too few carbs (yes you can have two few, even a diabetic) and 60% of my daily calories from fat. A little more protein would have been nice.

I came in way low on fiber and vitamin content. While I will be having the rest of the belly tomorrow I will have to plan the rest of my day to be more balanced.

Carbs...unlike calories cannot be carried over into another day. What you don't eat in balance at any particular meal is gone forever. 

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