Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge living for the weekend

How many of you do for the weekend when you let go of all the rules.

Today I refuse.

Breakfast was a cup of chicken soup and the leftover spring roll.

After that I did what no diabetic should ever do. I skipped lunch and both snacks. The day was frantic and the time got away from me.

By the time dinner rolled around I had moved from hungry into sour stomach from no food and I felt an imminent crash.

I chose to eat lightly.

I began with a sliced zucchini and two tablespoons of hummus.

I followed this with some collards.
A simple seasoned saute. Totally delicious.

After my meal I sipped a glass of wine and ate a tiny piece of dark chocolate.

My calories and nutrition were both completely inadequate. 71 grams of carb for the day. 672 calories.


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