Monday, August 13, 2012

A wonderful if Repetitive Sunday as the Diabetic project continues

I've not a lot of food choices in the house as I am trying to use everything in order to pack up to go back to Harlem.

I got up and had a bit of watermelon and then I got an invite upstairs to breakfast. I accepted.

I shared a nectarine, had one egg atop one slice of buttered toast. It was a simple and lovely breakfast. At home I had my coffee with goat milk.46 grams of carb for breakfast.

My lunch was equally simple.

I'd been told that one can make a decent hashed brown potato by cutting the pieces small and using a dot of oil in a nonstick. I was told correctly, but you have to keep the heat low and it takes a long time for them to brown without the extra oil, the benefit is no greasy taste and they are much more healthy for you.

I cut two tiny potatoes and took about 40 minutes of stirring and puttering about 'til they were done and I topped them with a poached egg. This was clearly to be my egg day. I never peel a potato, I just wash carfully, that skin contains valuable fiber.

Potatoes are seriously high in carbs, those two small ones set me back 54 grams.

I went over at dinner.

73 grams of carb.

Out with friends we had Indian food and I thought that I had eaten modestly. One Naan, some Kidney bean stew, Paneer and veggie dumpling with the smallest bit of rice.

Eating out will be a challenge.

I suppose this is a good opportunity to mention what is upcoming.

As I make my trek to Harlem I will be driving and eating at diners, truck stops, restaurants and possibly even fast food.

I will be trying to eat with full consciousness, but it won't be 'til evening when I can sit down with my computer and determine fully how many carbs I have eaten. Fusion on the Road will begin on Saturday. As I wander cross if any of you want to send me restaurant suggestions on the way I am open to it.

My first stop will be Salt Lake City, then Denver.

Back to my imperfect day...195 carbs for the day with only 1,230 calories.

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