Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge: The challenge never ends

I had a delicious, nutritious, filling and nont traditional breakfast.
Collards...sliced and ready

...and I went over my carb allotment. I added leftover vegetables from last night to the leftover mac and cheese with tuna, thinking that I was doing the right thing. However along with the watermelon I had those vegies caused me to have 66 grams of carb. My max is 60.

...and then I essentially skipped lunch. I had a lot of business to handle and I wanted to get to the gym, so I did not eat until 4:00. At which time I had two crackers with peanut butter. At 13 grams of carb it made a solid snack.

However it was not enough. I was off to a friend's house for dinner and I had to go into Walgreens to get cash for the Sausalito Ferry, and my blood sugar began to crash.  Standing in the store I needed food, I grabbed the closest thing. Potato chips.

BAD choice.

After having 10 (yes I was counting) I read the label and realized I could only have another 6. I barely made it to dinner. Beef Jerky, even pork rinds would have been a better choice, planning ahead and having some almonds and a small apple in my bag would have been better.

I was crashing again by dinner time, but the food was awesome.

I pureed some of the cabbage from the night before with a little fresh garlic to make a dip for some homemade crackers. I gave it to my hostess and we had a small pre dinner nosh.

She served cheese, and I kept my portion very small whilst we had a touch of wine and the most wonderful Arugula, fennel, avacado and orange salad. I also ate 5 olives.

Then Poke'. It is a Hawaiian dish that defies description. A new taste for me and one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life.

That was followed by a very small portion of seared tuna with lemon and caper sauce. 

For dessert a few strawberries.

It was one of the most perfect meals I can recall having. 1,680 calories (I need to find a way to eat more)156 grams of carb with only breakfast being a problem.

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