Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge Unconscious eating

I began making the arrangements for my move to Harlem and I was on and off the phone, back and forth with e mail and not paying attention to my consumption.

In writing it all down I realized that subconsciously I had made decent but not perfect choices.

I began with a cup of soup at breakfast time. Asthma again.

I then took some of the rice from the previous night and more of the beef and greens and made a fried rice (without the frying, nonstick skillet no added oil)

Fortunately I came in at 54 grams of carb.

Lunch was another bit of soup, this time tomato with collards, sausage and white beans. 29 grams of carb.

Dinner was out...having dinner out is hard. I tend to eat more and without thought. Finally I paid attention and showed some care. I TRIED to moderate my rice but did eat more than my intended 1/2 cup.

I had 1/2 of the rice served which came to one cup, I also had one spring roll with shrimp (I packed one to take home)and an entire half duck.

If you have ever need more calories duck will give them to you. I was stuffed. 64 grams of carb, when I came home and added it up. I had gone over. The awful thing is that I easily could have consumed the rest of the rice.

My instincts are better than they were as I came in okay in the department of nutrition. However fiber was on the low side. 2,317 calories.


Mirabai said...

Is this a relatively permanent move back to New York?

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

What is permanent?

In the past decade I've lived in 3 states and two countries.

Mirabai said...

So . . . nomad, then?