Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Diabetic Challenge The Lost Days

Thursday I got up early and with the cats was driven to the airport to fly to NY. All day we flew, via Seattle.

I remember having a Cesar Salad in Seattle and the rest of the time is a bit of a blur.

I looked at apartments, went to Harlem Hospital to fill out paperwork and get a medical clearance, got on the subway and flew back to San Francisco.

...and thus the days were lost to carb counts. I barely remember what I ate.

On the road I resolve to be careful and log everything. Can I stick to 60 grams of carb at each meal while traveling?

Stay Tuned.

Fusion on the Road. 

How difficult is it to travel with diabetes?

You grab what you can and try to be safe.

That is what I did.

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